Version 1.0Edit

The Version 1.0was the first update, or, actually, the release date of the game.

There isn't actually a lot of info about the game in

Version 1.0 so keep in mind that it was very simple.

Version 1.1Edit

First Hatchi update! We are listening to all your awsome feedback and working hard to implement all these new features.

This version includes:

-More Pet Statics

-Help Screen

-Game Center Achievements

-Controllable Volume

-Fixed Reset Crash

-Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.1.1Edit

This is a minor update that fixes an issue with theSeven Days of Hatchi achievement notification and a few other small improvements to the Game Center Integration.

Version 2.0Edit

Dear Hatchi Parent:

This is a huge update. Thank you so much for all your feedback.

This new update includes:

-More Evolution Stages

-More Evolution Options

-More Foods (Pizza, Ice Cream and more...)

-Discover your Hatchi's Favorite Foods

-Monitor your Hatchi's Weight

-Share your Hatchi on Facebook and Twitter

-You can now liberate your adult pet into the Hatchi Forest Sanctuary

-If things didn't go so well you can visit your Hatchi in the Hatchi Graveyard

-The most requested feature of all: Pooping

The Hatchi Team

Version 2.01Edit

This Version includes:

-Facebook sharing fix.

-Twitter sharing from Forest sanctuary now gives a more suitable message.

Make sure to like

Hatchi on Facebook to keep up to date!

Version 3.0Edit

This is not a BIG update, just for making the 3.0 update.

Version 3.0.1Edit

This Version includes:

-Improved iPad retina support.

-Fixed a problem with the font in 4.3

-Fixed the Minigames score button, sometimes not working.

-Fixed Occasional Crashes when low on memory.

-Some other

Small Bug Fixes.

Version 3.5Edit

This version includes:

-Adoption Agency

-Inventory , new foods and more.

-New Shop items.

-Customizable Mini Games.

-Find out gender before naming!

Version 3.5.1Edit

This version includes:

-Fixed a crash from using some inventory items.

-Fixed a crash when viewing the Stats Page

-Updated the Evolution Guide

-Fixed Hatchi Squares Difficulty.

Version 3.6Edit

This version includes:

A new Buff which allows Hatchi to evolve at 2x speed


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