Hatchi exists in 4 stages of evolution (and 1 egg stage). Evolution tree makes total of 15 possible stage types. This site applies for default Hatchi, not for Mysterious Egg tree.


Egg is entry evolution stage. Egg will crack by tapping on it three times. New Hatchi will be born (girl/boy) and you name it afterwards.

You can purchase different eggs in the store. The egg you hatch will open up new evolution possibilities.

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Baby stage is first stage and its the same for every Hatchi. It is when it is a big blob. The alien egg dosen't transform properly and goes back to the original hatchi egg if not treated every 5 minutes.

If you buy an egg that cost 6000 it will evolve radomnly and you will not get to choose the evolution


One day old Hatchi transforms into child. Transformation outcome is controlled by comparing Smarts with Active. Smarts rises by reading books, Active rises by plaing with ball and both skills fades over time, so controlling next stage is quite easy.!


Three days old Hatchi transforms into teenager. Transformation outcome is controlled by weight. Controlling weight is:

  • 14.9 lbs for "Smart" child stage type
  • 12.7 lbs for "Active" child stage type

Weight is controlled by types of food Hatchi eats. If that's not enough, or can force change by Weight gain or Weight loss in in-game store for 200 coins.


Week old Hatchi transforms into adult. Transformation outcome is controlled by happiness. Controlling happiness is 75%. Happiness is outcome of fulfilling other stats of Hatchi and it can be fixed by Happy Pill in in-game market.

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